Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why I'm starting a blog

There are so many issues in today's society that cause me to struggle...

I don't understand why people are so opposed to immigrants and immigration.

I don't understand why our country doesn't see a problem with or address
the issue of racially segregated schools and neighborhoods.

I don't understand how executives are making millions of dollars a year,
yet expect people that work for them to get by on minimum wage.

I don't understand how "Christians" can sit back and watch all of this

Growing up in a small, rural town in Southern Missouri, none of the things I just mentioned were even close to issues on life's radar screen....mainly because our entire community was White. There was poverty, but in a way that is much different than the huge disparities I see here in Dallas.

For the past 11 years, as I've lived and worked in the city, I've come to love and appreciate the cultural and socioeconomic diversity that the city offers, as well as the challenges that arise because of such diversity. The challenges, however, are sometimes frustrating and cause me to re-look at and often question the White, middle class, Christian foundation upon which I was raised. Living amongst diversity forces me to see and hear issues from my friends' perspectives...often which are very different from my own and many of which can be uncomfortable. But being uncomfortable is ok when it challenges me to think differently about situations. I want to understand perspectives that are different than my own.

This blog is about my own personal reflections...what I contemplate on a regular basis. I have some good friends that have been a part of my learning process. I welcome other friends (known and unknown) to contribute to that discussion as well.

I decided that blogging might be a way to create dialogue that could potentially help me discover more answers

....or maybe just more questions.
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