Saturday, August 12, 2006

Opportunities in the Communities

My job over the past couple of years has shifted in a way that has me structuring our education programs more and implementing them less. I actually have really enjoyed the shift; however, being in the office more doesn't allow me to be as connected with people.

Since our Children's Education Coordinator resigned, I have had the opportunity to restructure our programs and hopefully expand my opportunities to interact with people. In the gap between her leaving and our new coordinator coming aboard, I have gotten to talk to several returning parents and meet several new parents.

Talking to parents always reminds me of the capacity and the quality people who live in low-income neighborhoods.

The three new parents who enrolled their kids were eager to enroll their kids in an affordable, educational after-school program. Of the three parents, one is looking for a job, one is trying to go back to school, and one is a cancer patient. All of them are in situations where they need our affordable, $5/month program because of their own meager finances while in the process of working toward their goals. All of them voiced a care and concern for their children.

I am excited about the possibilities this year.

I hope during our parent meetings each of the parents will meet so we can begin pulling together the efforts of caring and concerned parents.
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