Thursday, July 19, 2007

Curious minds want to know

It absolutely amazes me what comes out of kids mouths and minds when we ask them.

Each day we now have a Historian who carries around his/her journal all day and records what happens and a Photographer who is given one of our new digital cameras to record the happenings of the day.

Yesterday Kamaurja was appointed as the Historian. I saw him writing a little but I wasn't sure that he was really keeping track of anything. We had told them that the Historian would report back during group time the next day. Quite honestly, I didn't think Kamaurja had done anything but I figured if we put him in front of the group, then the other kids would see that there really was a reason for them to record stuff. Boy did Kamaurja surprise me! When I called him to the front today, he showed us the four pictures that he had drawn in his journal and explained them:

Today was Kamar's turn to be the Photographer. He was snapping pictures right and left...seemingly, at times, very pointlessly. Toward the end of the day, he proudly came up and asked if I wanted to see his pictures. As I quickly scrolled through them I figured I might as well save myself some time while I was looking at them so I deleted a few that seemed blurry or pointless. I got to three pictures in a row of this bright color. Figuring it was yet another pointless picture, I hit delete twice before he looked and said, "Look at that one! That's the light from the projector!" I think he might have even said something about it being his favorite. I sheepishly told him that I had "lost" the other two and asked if he could quickly retake them. He eagerly did so (thank goodness!).

I have no idea what made him think to point the camera straight into the projector light. Kamar wasn't sure how or why he got three different colors, but that was one of the things he liked about the pictures as well. I have to agree with him, these are the coolest pictures ever!

In fact, I think I may frame them and put them on my wall as a reminder.
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