Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As I pulled out the equipment for our technology class at the After-School Academy on Monday, seven eager young students (3rd-5th grade) quickly scrambled to get a seat and pull it up to the table. After setting their chairs up, one by one they moved around the table to greet me.

I was filling in for Wyshina and was simply following up on her curriculum. She had asked them, "What feelings do you have when you think of Turner Courts?" I reiterated the question to them and asked them to each give me their three words.







Powerful words...even more powerful to think about why they said them...and so quickly...without hesitation.

What would cause a child to feel "disappointed" or "embarrassed" to live somewhere? ...But at the same time feel "happy?" If I were the parent, how would I feel knowing that my child felt "afraid" or sad" to live where s/he does?

Below are a few of the pictures the kids took. Look really closely at the doors with signs. Behind the No Trespassing sign you can very faintly notice a baby's face behind the sign.

If I were to teach the class again, I would do it a little different. I would do more to explore their feelings and talk about *why* they have those feelings and what those feelings look like. I would show them some pictures other people have taken and asked them to tell me the feelings they associate with those pictures.

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