Sunday, March 02, 2008

Inspiring inspiration

Several people have asked me to justify my support for Obama. Like many other people, I get caught up in his speeches; I think he is an amazing orator.

But, as I watched this video, I realized what it is I really like about Obama. It's not what Obama's speeches do for me, it's what they do to me.

Obama inspires.

It's not a passive inspiration. People don't sit on the sidelines and watch him in awe. This video was made because of the way Obama's message resonated with them. It is not a political ad paid for Obama. It is not for sale. It is a video made up of a bunch of people who came together because they believe in Obama's message and they want others to hear it as well.

Obama inspires inspiration.

He inspires people to come together...spontaneously. He inspires people of all ethnicities and cultures to come together. He inspires creativity and creative solutions. He inspires people to believe in our democracy. He inspires people to believe in our country in a way that brings us *together* with other parts of the world. He inspires people to believe that WE can make change in our neighborhood, our city, our state, and our country.

Obama inspires hope... in a way that isn't blindly optimistic. He inspires hope because he understands that hope is what happens because you've gone through hard times.

Obama inspires unity...from all races, ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, religions, and languages. He makes our country reflect the world...which is what our country professed to do in the beginning...but Obama makes that visible.

Obama inspires patriotism...because the inspiration, hope, and unity he inspires helps me recognize that we do live in a great country.

I support Obama because he makes me recognize that I am a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

See this site for the video and's explanation for writing the song:

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