Sunday, April 12, 2009

Looking toward the future of our children

First of all...sorry for being absent! I went on vacation and didn't realize how little internet access I would have. That being said, I'm going to try to get back on the bandwagon again! :)


I'm a big advocate of what technology can do for us and for our children, IF we work with it and utilize it. There's so much out there that I don't even know about. Recently, we were given a $5000 grant to use toward capital expenses. They have agreed that I could use it all toward technology. So, I have a challenge for you...

1) Watch the video below...

2) Think about...even (computer "games" like the cancer game?), hardware (Nintendo DS? TAG reading system?), and/or other innovative ways we could use that money so that our kids in the ASA and summer program would be able grasp concepts and generate ideas in ways they may not have unlocked yet. (note: this summer our theme is environment and recycling, in case you come across anything like that)

3) Offer your time or help me find others who would be willing and able... Help guide kids who have primarily been exposed to and standardized testing on the computer to this new world of technology.

Real afternoon a week. This would allow us to utilize the technology we already have (4 computers) and would help them become independent. Once they become knowledgeable and independent, they could do stuff on their own...or you can continue helping us get them to a new level so that they can be competitve in our world.

Sound exciting? It is!! Help us get there!
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