Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Storytime Campout

As I came into the office today, I noticed that the After-School Academy window that is usually brightly lit up like this:

was very dark, as if no one was there. Though there were no lights, it seemed darker than usual.

Perplexed...and, I admit, a little concerned that the teachers weren't doing their job...I started to walk in.

As I opened the door, little voices started chattering, "Someone's coming in!" and one of the dark black curtains hanging from the ceiling, encircling the kids, slightly opened so the kids could see their intruder.

"It's Ms. Janet!" they exclaimed. And quickly started telling me, "We're having a campout!"

Indeed, it was very dark...like a campout. And I looked down to see their "camp fire" in the middle of the circle (baby carrots on a piece of white tissue paper with a flashlight underneath to make it glow).

The kids had read their morning story, Bear Snores On, and were role playing and learning about kindness.

Shines go out to Nazareth, their teacher for the day, who stepped in for their regular teachers. I'm glad I walked in when I did. Sometimes it's the little events that help me realize how much the kids are learning and how much the teachers (many of them high school students...and Nazareth, a former student herself) are teaching.

Thanks, everyone!
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