Monday, September 28, 2009

Bringing books to our urban community

Katrina Hobbs has been dynamic since she was five years old. She was probably dynamic before then, but I didn't know her before then.

When Katrina was little, she and her sister, Lewanna, attended our summer Kids Kamp program. While other kids just showed up to attend, Katrina and Lewanna would go home in the evenings and turn cheers and chants into songs and activities and bring them back for us to do at Kids Kamp.

Katrina's family lived in Roseland Homes and attended J.W. Ray Elementary. They would always bring reports of winning different oratorical contests and straight A's on their report cards.

As they got older and moved to different neighborhoods, I didn't see them as much, but they still stayed in contact. Both sisters went to Townview Magnet and were determined to become educators so they could effect children's lives like their teachers had for them.

Katrina has now come back to Roseland to run the Roseland Library/Bookstore. She loves that she gets to work with kids on their reading. I love her excitement. She's doing storytime with the kids, but just today I watched her working with two boys on their rhyming words.

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