Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Boss's Day ever!!


The loud rap on my office door startled me.

I was closed off from the world, working hard to get several things done and was so engrossed that I didn't expect the knock.

Once I reached the door, though, no one was there. Instead, there was a styrofoam ice chest and a gift bag.

Completely surprised, I began reading the cards. Tameshia and Danielle (the culprits) came back from around the corner laughing at their ability to sprint down the hall so they wouldn't be seen.

I'm having surgery on Friday. Were they sending me well wishes before I'm out for a couple of weeks??

Nope...Friday was Boss's Day!

Wow! I had no idea!

They gave me the coolest cards, an amazingly cool coffee mug, my new favorite book (I Like Myself!), a photo book, and some grapes to munch on.

I was completely blown away. Especially considering that the only way I can be a great boss is because I have great employees.

Thank you, Danielle and Tameshia, for making my day GREAT!
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