Thursday, April 22, 2010

Developing Self-Determined Young Adults

Over the years, I have witnessed the determination of our kids as they persevere and defy the stereotypes, low-expectations, and difficult life situations they endure. Their ability to press forward inspires me.

Just last week I spoke with Kieva, who will finish her Master's degree in Public Administration in August. Her sister is working on her graduate degree as well. Jessica just started her Masters program in January and plans to continue straight through to get her Ed.D. Bridgette is almost finished with her graduate degree as well. Tiffany, Erica, and Fredrick will graduate from Baylor, UNT, and Lamar University this year. They have thought about pursuing Master's degrees as well.

The voices in the video are representative of the rest of the kids we see each day and some of the ones who have dropped off over the years as well. We are working hard to keep improving our programs and expanding them. Take a look at my new attempt at a newsletter about our programs here: College Successes.

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