Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Jessica's kind Facebook note

This is extremely hard for me to post, but it is such an amazing, gracious note that my dear, dear friend, Jessica, who I dearly love, posted on her Facebook page and told me she was "forcing" me to put it on my blog. 

I have posted about Jessica a couple of times before. She never ceases to amaze me. She is currently in her Master's program at Texas A & M-Commerce.

This note is inspired by Janet Morrison. I read one of her blogs a few months back when she had began giving people awards through her blog, she encouraged other people to pass it it on. So here goes....

I would like to dedicate my award to.....JANET MORRISON! She is a person who has never ceased to amaze me. I always knew my award would go to her but it took me a long time to come up with a title for the award and to decide what exactly to say because I have so much to say. Although you deserve so much more than a blog, this one is for you!

Janet works for Central Dallas Ministries which is an organization that is really involved in helping the community. Janet's title there is the director of children's education which means she coordinates and oversees programs for the children. I have never seen anyone as involved in what they do as she is. She is constantly brainstorming ways to improve or make what she does more meaningful to those involved. She is constantly helping someone do something. She is what I call an activist because she is always stands up for what she believes in.

If you know Janet, you know she does not approve of giving time, money or effort and then walking away to never be seen again. So with that being said, she has honored her words in my life.

I met Janet at church many years ago when I was just a child. I attended the camp, "Univeristy of Values". I loved to attend the camp because it had a great atmosphere. She had trained her staff to interact positively with the kids. Never had I been in a place as such. When I grew too old to attend I became a volunteer and later a staff. It was the best job I have ever had. I really confirmed my passion to teach more than anything.

There has been many many times in my life where she has been exactly what I needed. I can recall when I was younger her making my birthdays special with her decorated cakes, making all the kids Christmas gift each year, sending a post card from Mexico and giving advice while being understanding when I was in trouble. As I got older, I remember her always encouraging me, helping me get into college, helping me deal with grief my freshman year of college, stepping in when others stepped out, assisting me with dealing with issues of all kinds in college, and celebrating my successes in life with me.

Even with all of that said, I still left out lots of things.

She is absolutely one of the best people that I have come across in life and she has been consistent and always true to her word. She is a blessing from God to me! I appreciate her and her efforts so much. So to Janet, my mentor, my friend, my supporter, my inspiration..... thanks for being an AMAZING "ALL AROUND" PERSON.

To all who read this and know Janet, what has Janet done for you? (Post here) And to Janet copy and paste this into your own blog please!!!!

Janet and Jess!
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