Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leaders who believe in our kids...

O.M. Roberts Elementary is the school in my neighborhood. I volunteered there on a daily basis when I first moved into the community. At that time, the principal changed about every year and was a low-performing school year after year.

A few weeks ago, all of Central Dallas Ministries' Americorps members came together for a service day. One of the Americorps members who works in our Education Department was inspired by the commitment of the principal at O.M. Roberts and pulled out her camera to create this video.

I was very encouraged to hear Mrs. Ortiz, the principal in my community, talk about how much she believes in and has hope for the children at her school. I love that she thinks about, plans for, and prepares her teachers to send the elementary kids on a path to college. I'm grateful for leaders like her who commit to stay for the long haul.
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