Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why I Hate For-Profit Colleges

I have a very strong detest/abhorrence for for-profit colleges (i.e. Remington, University of Phoenix, ATI, Everest, Argosy, etc).

I hate them because...
...they charge students $400 a credit hour when a community college charges $50/credit hour...just so they can get the maximum in financial aid reimbursement from the government.
...the work I see students produce isn't corrected or graded well, which leads students to assume they are doing quality work.
...I have friends who have worked at them and were told to recruit people at any cost as long as they got them to sign on the dotted line so they could make money.
...they prey on vulnerable people (even going into homeless shelters) who aren't likely to go to college so that they (the college) can get the reimbursement from the government then when the student drops out the college gets paid and the student (not the for-profit college) is left with the bad credit and tons of debt.
...they have low graduation rates and turn out unemployable students.
...students who go to their 2-year programs have to start over when they go to a real college because the for-profits aren't accredited. Real colleges don't accept their credit hours. They won't transfer.
...if students decide to continue, the for-profit has often used up all of the financial aid the student is eligible for because they max out their cost for their own profit. Plus, because students default on their debt to the for-profits (because it's so enormous), they can't qualify for any other financial aid.
...students leave these colleges with thousands of dollars in debt and no credible degree to show for it.
...very rich people are collecting enormous amounts of government funds by exploiting poor people and using our/MY tax dollars to do it.

Senator Dick Durbin fought against them last year and this year (you can tell him your story here) and Nightline did a special called College, Inc if you want more information. I hadn't known Romney to promote and encourage for-profits. I'm flabbergasted and disgusted. Talk about a waste of tax payer dollars!!
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