Monday, June 05, 2006

Graduation Party

We had our annual graduation party last night at my house. I love the event. It's a reason to get everyone together and everyone gets to acknowledge, celebrate, and offer words of wisdom to the graduates as they enter a new stage of life. As I looked at each of them, I saw a kid who I had helped coach baseball when he was in 5th grade. I saw a beautiful, mature young lady that I've watched grow and mature since she was 4 years old! I saw a guy that everyone absolutely adores now...never even guessing that just about 6 or 7 years ago he was trying to hang with the wrong crowd and terrorize neighborhoods.

My mind was filled with stories of each one of them. They have each grown and matured and are moving to their next stage in life. They have guides surrounding them. Everyone at the party was there to celebrate them. Words of wisdom were offered. Some of the graduates from last year and the year before that were there to offer some advice. These guys are surrounded with a network of support. I know they will do well.

Oscar--graduated from Woodrow Wilson. Is going to University of Texas.

Whitney--graduated from Skyline. Is planning to be a nurse, starting at El Centro.

Nick--graduated from W.T. Whyte. Is going to Brookhaven.

Albert--graduated from Lincoln. Is working on getting into UT Dallas and is planning to be an engineer.

Adrian--graduated from Pegasus. Is planning to be an engineer. Will probably start community college in the fall.

Danielle--graduated from Woodrow Wilson. Is going to a school in Kansas on a basketball scholarship.

Ronyell--graduated from Hillcrest. Is still deciding what she wants to be, but will attend Eastfield or Richland in the fall.

Britney--graduated from Kimball. Will start community college in the fall.
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