Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July fellowship

Despite the tragic incidents that have happened in my neighborhood over the last six months, for some reason I still love living in my neighborhood. My neighbor, Brenda, agrees. I think I know the reason. We know each other.

Mrs. Brown had called the other day and I had never gotten back with her. So, after grading papers this morning, I decided to go by my old apartments and visit her and Mr. Brown. As I walked up, I saw three bar-b-que grills going strong. Mr. Brown was sitting outside watching the grill, as was Ray (another former neighbor), his wife, and their friends and family. Kids were running around, playing. Older people were standing in their doorways. Disabled people were riding on their electric scooters. Everyone was enjoying a relaxing holiday.

I talked to Mrs. Brown for a while then heard that there was a grill with hot coals available. I quickly ran back to the house and grabbed the thawed chicken out of my fridge. When I took it back, Mrs. Brown seasoned it for me and Mr. Brown took it to his smoker. While it rained and my chicken cooked, Mr. Brown and I sat under the awning and chatted. About the war. About the weather. About the neighborhood. As their family came in for their 4th of July bar-b-que, I met new friends.

I then went to visit with my long-time friend, Brenda. I always enjoy talking to her. Her mom, who we fondly refer to as "Mama," is always happy to see me, which always makes the visit even more enjoyable.

That's what I like about East Dallas. It's like it's own small community where I know I always have friends around me. I don't stop by to see them enough. But no matter when I do stop by, I am always welcomed with open arms.
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