Monday, January 15, 2007


One of the kids I knew rather well was on the A Child to Love segment of the know...the one where a child tells what he would want from a family if only he could be adopted.

I knew Nagee for quite some time. His story is a tough one. After being taken from his biological family, he and his brother and sister were adopted by a friend of mine. After they had been with her for about 7 years, she found out she had cancer and passed away soon after that. They were all placed back "in the system." Nagee is 11 now.

I have good memories of Nagee. His brain worked like a little man. I could often see the wheels turning as he contemplated what he wanted to say. He would invariably come up with something that would make you wonder where in the world he came up with that stuff! (You can see a little of what I mean in the video.)

Of course there is much more to the story.

I haven't seen Nagee in about a year and a half. I miss the funny things he used to say. I can still hear him say my name with his sweet voice. With the right environment I have to believe Nagee will do well. I hope he finds that right environment. Part of me wishes that I could provide it.

Please say a prayer for Nagee...and Destiny and Gerrard. They're sweet kids. ...and like every kid, they each deserve a family who will stick with them through thick and thin and never give up. Pray that whatever he wishes for comes true.
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