Wednesday, August 08, 2007

How to pick blueberries

Step 1: Connect with The gleaning network of Texas.

Step 2: Gather 8 elementary-aged kids who have been learning about health and nutrition and take them to Gainesville, TX.

Step 3: Pair up kids and adults and take off down the rows of blueberry bushes. Note: Go further back in the field to get the most blueberries.

Step 4: Look for dark blue (almost white) berries. Don't pick the reddish ones!

Step 5: Reach deep into the blueberry bush to find fat, juicy blueberries that no one thought to pick.

Step 6: Pop a few into your mouth as you go to make sure the blueberries are still as sweet as when you first started picking.

Step 7: Note the sounds of blueberry picking..."Boy these 'mugs' are good!!" ~Kamaurja

Step 8: Fill your little bucket as full as you can get it. Keep looking for blueberry-filled trees somebody missed!

Step 9: Holler out when you find a tree with lots of berries..."Oooh! This one's got LOTS of blueberries!" ~Ladarrius

Step 10: Watch everyone run to the blueberry bush.

Step 11: Walk back to the shade to empty your bucket into your paper container, ask to put your name on it, and then rest.

Step 12: Use the voice recorders to make raps about eating your fruits and vegetables on the van ride home.

Step 13: Take your bucket of fresh blueberries to the house and make blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, cereal with blueberries on top, blueberry shakes, etc. (if you have a favorite blueberry recipe, please feel free to offer it here!)
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