Wednesday, August 15, 2007

White Water rafting in Colorado

This has been an amazing week. Edd Eason, myself, and 9 teenagers left Dallas at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning to head to Salida, Colorado. Edd had planned a week of relaxation and reflection as well as a few challenging moments as well.

Checo started writing down all of the new things he has done and accomplished so far this week. His list looked something like this: camping in a tent, surviving a hail storm on the top of a mountain, learning to set up and take down a rappel site, rappelling, white water rafting, hiking in the mountains, and building a campfire...and we aren't finished yet.

They have been an amazing group with such great attitudes and such helpful and considerate spirits. They didn't all know each other before coming. But they have all bonded and are stepping out and creating new experiences together. They each have the ability to lead as well as follow.

What follows below is Nazareth's report of Day 1...our White Water rafting day.

Nazareth reporting from Salida

Wilderness Trek--Day 1 White Water rafting

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