Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Pilgrimmage to DC

I want it all!

After figuring out how to get used to the cramped space, with every seat on the bus filled, I have settled into the journey with our 3 charter buses...about 150 people...where even the 'bathroom break only' rest stops take a while.

We have passed Nashville. It's about 10:00 pm. Half of the bus is asleep and the other half is watching Batman.

The closer we get to our destination, the more anxious I get. I want to take it ALL in. I don't want to miss anything...but I'm on a bus!

I've gotten a Tweet from an African-American friend in Dallas who is impressed with CNN's coverage. (I want to see what they are saying!)

A White friend in Missouri IM'd me to tell me she cried along with the people interviewed on Dateline as they discussed the hope that Obama has inspired...and how it took Black AND White to get to this point. (I wish I had Tivo'd Dateline.)

Then my friend, Katwy, called. He's from New York and I only know him because we met in Denver at the convention. He's in DC and has attended different events over the last two days, including the concert on the mall tonight...which he said was amazing, shoulder-to-shoulder, and probably 500,000- 1 mil people there. (I want to be the middle of it all!!)

Each friend from different backgrounds, different cities, different experiences. Yet, each one is relishing each moment leading up to Tuesday.

But I also realize that this bus ride is my pilgrimmage. Just like the other potential 4 million people, I am on a journey. Some will arrive via expensive flights, complete with $25,000 tickets to get into events. Others of us scrounged up $350 and will stay in Philadelphia just so we can be there on that day.

That is the beauty of this trip--Rich, poor, young, old, people off all nationalities, religions, political persuasions, and sexual orientation...We will all be there *together*. We will all be there to soak in the HOPE for our future.

I hope to situate myself in the best position to soak in the moment...but I also realize that moment is whatever is in front of me. Right now that is a bus full of people resting up for the big moment.
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