Saturday, January 02, 2010

Championing Children Award for 2009

Carla Ranger
This year, Carla Ranger stood up. She faced an entire school board of powerful people and demanded better for our children. She challenged their decision to create longer term limits that would benefit themselves. She spoke out so much that she lost her job at the Community College, though that was said to not have been related. The community rallied together and fought for Ms. Ranger until she was given her job back at the Community College. Though she could have let pride stop her from returning, Carla (and, yes, she has given me permission to call her that) seems to have a bigger goal in mind—the quality education of our children. She returned to the Community College.

Carla came to speak at our first Parent Academy meeting in Roseland TownHomes. She was passionate and she connected with the parents. Despite the obstacles she’s faced this year, she continues to be a voice for the children. From the short time I’ve been around her this year, I know that her words are not hollow. She will continue to stand up. She will continue to be a voice for the children. She will continue to fight for what is right…even if it means risking her own livelihood. Though I like to think of myself as courageous, Carla Ranger helps me believe even more so in what I’ve always known--our children deserve to have someone bold enough to fight for their rights.
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