Saturday, February 06, 2010

Each one teach one

As I walked through the After-School Academy I saw several things going on. One group was building with legos. One group was working on homework. A few were at the computers playing educational computer games. It's been my dream that the kids in the After-School Academy become independent learners. Walking through, I couldn't help but think that is quickly becoming a reality.

As I walked out the door to the elevator I saw the scene in the picture above.

Ladaysha (3rd grade) was quizzing Hakim and Jaden (both 1st grade) on their spelling words while they casually molded play-doh. I loved it! They weren't stressed. They weren't sitting uncomfortably in wooden chairs hating homework. Instead, they nonchalantly took turns spelling. If they mis-spelled a word, Ladaysha kindly pointed out their mistake, reminded them how to spell it correctly, asked them to re-spell it, and moved on to a new word. It couldn't have been a more beautiful scene!

Independent learners.

Painless and stress-free learning opportunities.

Older students helping younger ones.

Everyone plays a role in progress.

Thanks, Danielle, for making the After-School Academy where this can happen!
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