Monday, February 08, 2010

Tale of a Mouse, Part 2

I enjoyed Tale of a Mouse at the South Dallas Cultural Center so much last week that I couldn't help but take kids again (see above for actual scenes from the play).

Just like what happened last time, the kids were enthralled. We took Iesha (sister of Niesha and Tatiana, both of whom attended last time), Shamaria, and Xavier. I wish I could have captured the intent stares during the play. Iesha and Shamaria sat next to me. Since I had already seen the play, I stole glances at them to see if they were enjoying it. I ended up watching them more than the play. Iesha sat on the edge of her seat, back straight up so she could see over the person in front of her, watching intently and taking note of every move. Shamaria reacted in a similar way.

Of course, as usual, there were the you-gotta-love-kids stand out moments. This time it was about mid-way through during a scene that was popular with the first group. Iesha turned to Tameshia, "'Off with your head!' That's what he's going to say!" Then she went on (in a very loud whisper) to tell Tameshia the next lines and actions of the play for the next five minutes while Tameshia tried to get her to stop.(Iesha obviously hasn't learned the meaning of "spoiler alert." :) )

Just like last time, the play was interactive. And, just like last time even our shy ones (Shamaria) volunteered to participate in the tug of war.

Once again, Mr. Harold (the director) invited everyone to interact with the cast members and the props at the end of the play. Great strategy to get people (kids especially!) more interested instead of keeping people at a distance. Below are scenes from the play and the interactions after the play.

Scared of the talking skull

Sad mouse

Mouse bargains with elephant

Shamaria being Arumbaroo

Shamaria posing with Bird

Iesha thinking like Arumbaroo

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