Monday, February 07, 2011

Daddy King

This snow/ice week may not have been the most productive work week I've ever had, but it sure has been good to have the time to just "be." For some (and even for myself in the past), sitting in the house for four days would have driven them absolutely stir crazy. This week, however, I have been able to write, cook, and exercise. It felt good. As I re-discovered things I enjoyed doing, I came across a link a friend sent me. It was from The Story on NPR. It was broadcast on MLK Day, but instead of being about Martin Luther King, it was mostly about his father, "Daddy King," as they called him.

I've done a lot of research on the civil rights movement. I've learned a lot about very influential people who are never mentioned in our history books. Yet through all of that, it never occurred to me to think about the parents of the man who made such an amazing impact.

A Summer with the King Family — The Story from APM

Now I want to know more.
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