Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tweets that make me smile

Snow/Ice Day #5.

It's the 5th day Dallas ISD has taken in the last two weeks and I'm loving every minute of it! I curl up in my chair, put my computer on my lap, and journal...while checking tweets periodically.

This morning as I went back and forth between Twitter and writing, I noticed a tweet in my timeline that said, "I gt 2 get da hang of this.......idk wht im doin......." I didn't recognize the name and there was just the generic egg that Twitter shows when the user has no picture.

I moved on.

A few minutes later, I checked Twitter again. This time I saw another tweet from the same user:
@onji1908 hey im hayzul's nd monteyvion's mom nd i js wnt 2tell u u r doing a great job thx for all u do
That tweet created my a-ha moment. It's Kim! Her kids are in our After-School Academy! I smiled...and am still smiling...for two reasons:

First, the tweet was from a parent in our neighborhood directed to the principal of the school. That's huge! It's huge because this is a new principal. It's been a while since the principal of the school has had any kind of relationship with the community. For a parent to make her first tweet a shout out to the principal is HUGE! Nice job, Ms. Brown!

Second, it tells me what can happen when our parents and communities have access to technology. Technology bridges gaps in so many ways.

Thanks, Kim, for making my day.
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