Saturday, November 26, 2011

Everyone Deserves a little Cheering

Thanksgiving morning I received a text from my brother telling me that he, his wife, and my 6-year old nephew were getting ready to run a 5K. About an hour later, he sent a text that they had finished 4755th out of 8000. Impressive! :) The really cool thing was, my amazing nephew ran the entire way and they averaged a 12:01 minute mile (yes, even my nephew)! Absolutely amazing.

So, we created this video to congratulate them.

Which then created quite a bit of joy as we all watched it a few times.

As my dad came across the video on his iPad (the tool we used to create the video), his first reaction seemed to be a little annoyed with the fact that we had done something so ridiculous...until he watched the full 9-seconds of cheering...and couldn't help but smile...then push play again...and again...and again...getting tickled and chuckling every time he watched it.

I encouraged my nephew to take his dad's iPhone to school so he could play cheers every time he made an A on a test. (he didn't think that idea would go over too well with his teacher). We used the cheering video to give my 13-year old cousin's magic show the full applause it deserved. We used the video to cheer for people when we won the guys vs. girls game we played.

It makes me smile every time I watch it.

Feel free to play and re-play for yourself as needed. We all need to be cheered for every once in a while!

Note to the actors in the video: I realize that this video could potentially create embarrassment for those of us starring in it; however, it created so much joy, I just had to. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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