Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hope: Never giving up

 Focus on the video from 6:45-8:45. As I watched this video I thought of our neighbors. I thought of people I know who come to us with that look of having given up hope. I thought of the people who we used to see come into the food pantry with hair uncombed, clothing wrinkled, and appearance unkempt. I thought of how much of a change we saw once people were asked to get involved and volunteer *with* us. I can look back and see the change. Their eyes began to have life. They began to smile more and were friendlier. They took ownership of something and made it great.

 When all odds seem to be against you, it's easy to get beat down and feel like whatever is ahead is impossible. However, hope can be revived. Sometimes that is an internal motivation to refuse to die...sometimes that is an external motivation prompted by someone willing to walk alongside, new friends, new resources, or one little "yes" where they all used to be "no."

What are we going to do to ensure we are not lions but are, instead, helping remove the lions before someone gives up completely?
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