Sunday, May 07, 2006

Homosexuality from a child's perspective

I watched a great documentary on the Sundance channel: Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents.

I know homosexuality is a very controversial issue for many people. I know some people have some very strong beliefs against homosexuality. It's always interesting to me that it's oftentimes Christians who make the snide and rude comments about and to people who are gay or lesbian. Regardless of what how we believe the Bible addresses homosexuality, I do not believe Jesus walked around making snide and rude comments to or about anyone of any sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic level, etc. That was not in his character.

For some reason, people feel it's their right to openly condemn people's decisions. I can't imagine that people who do that consider the feelings of the person they are talking about. I have heard some thoughtless...and hurtful...comments ("That's gay!" or "He's queer." or maybe more direct comments). I know you hear them just like I do.

This documentary was powerful to me because the interviewers talked to the children. They asked the kids how they felt about having homosexual parents. Though there were several different perspectives from several different states, every kid said they loved their parents. Not surprising, huh? They didn't choose their parents any more than I did. We love the people who nurture us and take care of us. It is no different for a family with two moms or two dads.

Whether we feel that homosexuality is right, wrong, or somewhere in between...and whether we say or hear a negative comment made about or to a homosexual, I think it's important to consider the message we send. Is it beneficial to anyone? The Jesus I know would not have openly disparaged and would not have listened to anyone else openly disparage someone.

Maybe we should try to be more like Him.

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