Sunday, April 15, 2007

Robinson and Stackhouse...#42

Jerry Stackhouse, on the Dallas Mavericks, is #42. I never knew why. Evidently, he's always worn #42 because it was Jackie Robinson's number. Stackhouse recognizes that Robinson paved the way for other people of color in all sports. So many people don't take time to know about our history and know why things are the way they are. Stackhouse wants to always remember.

Today, on Jackie Robinson Day (the 60 year anniversary of Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier), Stackhouse asked the NBA if they would allow him to use "Robinson" in place of "Stackhouse" on his jersey. They denied him that opportunity. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to honor Robinson, Stackhouse wrote JACKIE ROBINSON on the outside of each of his sneakers.

Thank you, Jackie Robinson, for having the amazing courage to endure what you did.

Thank you, Jerry Stackhouse, for honoring that memory and reminding the rest of us.
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