Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tapping into talent

Being a member of Central Dallas Church keeps me connected to real people.

I've tried leaving Central Dallas and going elsewhere--mega churches, small, local congregations...It didn't work. I always went back to Central Dallas.

Central Dallas is not a church with money. Many of our members are poor.

In the beginning, another church supported our pastor and our work. Through the years, however, outside funding for many different things has dwindled. Though that was discouraging for a while, our church rebounded because of faithful (albeit, poor) members who believe in what Central Dallas is all about and are willing to work to ensure it continues.

Hazel Baker enjoys writing plays. She's been working for many months now, pulling people together and finding a venue for the play. Her intent was to raise money for the women's ministry and the choir. Through ticket sales of $10 each, she helped raise around $800 for these two groups.

However, not only did Hazel raise money for the church, she created community. She, the cast, and the music ministry put their time and effort into creating a quality play. They didn't go begging for money from a rich donor. They utilized their own talents to create something of value. And then they worked hard to publicize--to the tune of an audience of 80+ people.

Inner cities have talents that don't get noticed near like they should. Sunday night was proof of that talent. I wish people who want to do good things for people in the inner city would take the time to get to know and be a part of what is already going on in the inner city and then either encourage or invest in and value the talents that already exist.

I know why I stay.
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