Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In order to win, you must first learn how to lose

I don't like to lose; I never have.

I want to know that I can win.

However, after losing a game to a friend and then rationalizing out loud that I would win the next time, my friend informed me, "You've got to learn to lose first."

Though I knew it had some truth to it, I laughed it off.

As I've watched Hillary this week, I understand what my friend meant.


Tuesday night, Barack Obama clinched the nomination. He won fair and square using the democratic process. He may have won the smaller states...and his strong voting base may be from urban centers...but it doesn't matter. Each person's vote counts!

Barack Obama has more popular and superdelegate votes than Hillary Clinton because we, the people, cast our vote and it came out in favor of Obama. That is democracy.

Unfortunately, Hillary still wants everyone to "know" that she is the stronger candidate. Despite the fact that Obama had gone over the threshold of needed delegates, Hillary is still fighting/struggling to win. I suppose she has to prove a point that she is worthy of the position.

Several years ago I respected Hillary. I was excited to see a strong woman was doing great things in our high political offices. I remember reading her book, It Takes a Village, and saying something like, "Hillary for president!" (I remember the raised eyebrows I received.)

But this presidential primary she has lost my respect.

Her tactics (and her husband's) were put in place to seek the "win." Even at this moment...more than 24 hours after Barack clinched the nomination with the stated number of delegates needed, Hillary has still not conceded.

At this point, the only way she can "win" is by tragedy or by seeking out the loopholes to put her in office by default.

Hillary could have gracefully exited. She could have done just like we do after softball games where each team lines up and congratulates the other team by giving each other high fives and say, "Good game." ...But she has chosen not to do that.

If Hillary would have gracefully exited...and told Barack, "Good game!" I might have regained some of the respect I lost for her during the primaries because of her tactics. By showing good sportsmanship and the ability to lose gracefully, she could have won. But to date, she has not chosen that route...and, frankly, that window of opportunity is gone.

Barack has gracefully extended his had to her, even though she has not chosen to have any conversations with him to this point.

The way he has conducted his campaign, Barack seems like the type of guy who would also know how to lose. He deserves the win.


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