Monday, June 09, 2008

Crossing step closer to the future

Last Tuesday night I attended Vanessa's "crossing over" ceremony as she completed middle school and got ready to attend Skyline High School.

As I watched her walk across the stage, I had to lean over to her mom and ask, "Is she really going into 9th grade??!!"

I love sitting back and watching Vanessa. She loves to read...she always makes sure her school work is done...she always follows through what what she says she will. I know I can count on Vanessa.

Vanessa is motivated by an internal drive. As we drove to church the other day, I noticed she was thumbing through a booklet. When I asked what she was looking at, she casually explained that it was the book DISD gives out so that she can know how to prepare for college. (I never knew DISD gave out booklets like that!) Vanessa was busy checking off lists and filling out answers to questions, ensuring she was on the right track.

Vanessa will be entering Skyline's magnet program (once again, something Vanessa took the initiative to pursue). She currently wants to be a fashion designer (at least that's today's may change tomorrow, her mother explained). She will enter the cluster for home interior design in the fall (fashion design was full).

Vanessa, like so many other kids I know, has so much to offer us. I am so impressed with her (and so many others') tenacity and perseverance. I can't wait to see where her dreams and ambitions lead her.

(pictures from top to bottom: Janet and Vanessa; Vanessa with her mom, brother, and cousin; Vanessa with her principal)
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