Friday, August 08, 2008

Disappearing into the shadows

With the help of Monica, Anabeli, and Gracie (my young adult friends) and their techology expertise, we have created this video to illustrate the disappearance of immigrants and their forced anonymity.

The photos used are a combination of photos from the Immigration march here in Dallas in April of 2006 as well as photos taken by our three DREAM Act students when they went to Washington to talk to their state senators about passing the DREAM Act. I find their choice of pictures interesting and telling about what is important and meaningful to them.

The voices you hear are interviews I did with Monica, Jesse, Jose, and Anabeli....four potential DREAM Act candidates. Anabeli is the oldest at 22 years old. The others are 19 and 20 years old...yet their words...their voices...speak of struggles many of us rarely, if ever, have to think about.

I'm interested in your reactions.
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