Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It does get better!

This morning I decided to try for another star-studded event. They were introducing a new documentary, 14 Women, a documentary about women in politics. As has been the norm this week, I was allowed to step up to the front and take pictures or do interviews. I was squished in between a lady from the Boston Herald gossip column and a fashion editor of the Rocky Mountain News.

The fashion lady made fun of all of the stars who "looked like they were wearing Target clothes." Hmmmm...I wondered what she thought about me as I wore my Target shirt, Target shoes, and Old Navy khackis. I didn't ask her.

After snapping a bunch of shots, the gossip lady turned to me and asked for my card. She explained that her photographer hadn't shown up yet and she may need to buy some pictures from me! I gave her my card and am hoping if she really does contact me, some of my photographer friends will explain to me how selling photographs works. Wouldn't it be great to earn back some of the money I've spent this week???

As I played paparazzi, Angela Bassett came through again...and then I realized that lady yesterday was just as ignorant about what Angela Bassett looks like in person as I was. The lady I saw yesterday was Lynn Whitfield! So here is Angela Bassett...for real!

After pretending to be paparazzi, I went on to an "I have a Dream" event in hopes of seeing Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, NJ. Not only did I get to see him and edge my way up to get a picture, after I composed myself, I thought enough to catch him as I saw him getting into his car, give him my card, and ask him to speak at our prayer breakfast. We'll see what happens.

After that, it was off to the Pepsi Center for yet another surprise. We got to go down to the podium while they were doing roll call! It was truly an amazing experience to hear everyone call out their delegates. Not 10 minutes after we got back to the Blogger Lounge, Hillary went down on the floor and made a motion to nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee! We barely missed her! It was still amazing as everyone in the room erupted in spontaneous cheers when Hillary made the nomination. For the first time, I felt like we were coming together. It was truly a neat moment.

I went back on the floor shortly after and ended up walking around right by all of the news channels...

...and hanging out with my friend, Liz, and the Texas delegates.

I'm now back in the Blogger's too crowded to get on to the floor tonight.

We just listened to Bill. What an amazing speech. Great job, Bill. There were some great lines in there.

I'm anxiously awaiting John Kerry, Chet Edwards (who we met and chatted with on Monday at the delegate breakfast), and the big finale, Joe Biden.

What a lineup tonight!!
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