Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm waiting, Sarah Palin

I believe John McCain's pick was more brilliant than he even he realized it would be. I know the response has completely taken me by surprise. So many conservatives weren't thrilled about their McCain as their Republican pick...but now they have a hard-line conservative...and a woman at that! So they also demonstrate their ability to go outside of their white, male box.

I also have to hand it to McCain for stepping aside and allowing a woman to completely take the spotlight. I have found that is often hard for men to do. I find it a little strange in this situation since McCain *is* the one running for President, but I do think it's cool that men are taking the backseat for a change because women are the ones people want to hear.

I think for conservative women who have worked hard alongside their stay-at-home moms...or as corporate business leaders who still managed to take care of their family, Sarah Palin now puts a spotlight on their ability to do it all. The conservative men recognize Sarah Palin as someone familiar and are also falling in lock step behind her.

But, for the last week and a half, I have been listening to find out what Sarah Palin is all about.

I vetted her myself last Monday during Labor Day. I saw the gossip and speculated on its truth. I looked at the fact that she was 44 and inexperienced in national government affairs and wondered what would happen if something happened to John McCain on day one (instead of after year two, as everyone seems to suggest is when she would've gotten the hands-on experience she needs from being in the White House). Her quick wit has surprised me (some good, some bad), but so far quick wit is all I've seen. Is quick wit the primary characteristic we want in a potential president?

I keep waiting for that moment when we will hear her debate or talk off the cuff, but it hasn't come. Today a piece of her stump speech as she and McCain travel around. I was sorely disappointed. The segment I heard was absolutely word for word what her nomination speech was...only shorter. It told me nothing.

I understand what they're doing. The campaign knows she doesn't have experience. So they're prepping her. I heard one commentary that said they wouldn't let her talk until the media was ready to respect her. If I were running a campaign, I would do the same--make up as many reasons to keep her hidden while prepping her behind the scenes. But two things here:

1) Do we really want a presidential team where the man running for president isn't really the one people want and the one running for VP is someone who has to be coached by the campaign so much that they keep her in hiding?

2) There are less than two months left of this campaign! One poll has John McCain up by 10
points. People are struck by her. Do we really want to elect someone who we have heard one speech from?

Our country needs to know what Sarah Palin knows. Our country deserves to hear how she thinks.

It's time to get in the game, Sarah Palin. In order to form an educated opinion, we need to hear from you!
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