Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Let's get out the vote!

I am extremely excited about the way this election has gotten young people interested and engaged in the issues. However, I admit I fear complacency in November.

I am truly hoping that my fears will be baseless. I have heard so many of my friends discussing ways to get others engaged in the process through registration, deputization, running for office, and many other politically engaging activities. That excites me!

Below is a video you can watch, pass along to friends, or post on your own blog. You can get it from http://www.twovoters.com/. Then, if you're not registered, use the "Rock the Vote" link on the sidebar and get registered. It's really that easy!

In Texas, the last day to register is October 6. Let's not let this date slip by in our efforts to get people registered!

I would love to hear if any of you register as a result...and if you register others. This campaign is OUR campaign. Let's take back our voice in this country.

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