Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How does Barack Obama affect race relations?

I got a call from a local TV reporter this afternoon. "Hey Janet...what have you been hearing about the elections?"

At that point...nothing really. Several of my college-aged friends had text'd me to tell me they had voted...and that it didn't take long. Nothing extraordinary.

Not an hour after he called, one of my college-student friends called to tell me that there had been a noose hung at Baylor University! Since the African-American population is the minority, there is an area where the black students hang out. It has been dubbed, "Little Africa." Evidently, this morning some of the students walked to their daily hang out to find a noose hanging.

They took pictures...and she's going to try to send them to me...but when the reporter called to try to investigate, no one wanted to talk. My friend said her friends don't want their names associated with that story. They're scared.

Another friend from Missouri told me that he voted democratic for the first time. But, he said his biggest fear for Obama is that he will be assassinated.

The blog I posted the other day, You Can Vote However You Like, has drawn many racist comments. I ended up having to moderate the comments. I'm all about free speech...but I won't have overtly racist comments associated with my Youtube account.

The racists that have come out as a result of this election may be in the minority, but their voices are loud...and they create real fears.

It is because of these things that I, too, have fears for Obama. But I believe Obama is very aware of these threats and fears. But I also believe that Obama knows he, much like Martin Luther King, Jr., can move us to the next level of race relations. I believe he is willing to take that risk for the good of the country.

I hope that we have enough people now that we can overcome the racism in a very different way than it had to be overcome in the 60s.
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