Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The musical road


That's what I hope we inspire and equip kids to have in the After-School Academy. I hope that is combined with a good education from the school end. Then, one day, it will be a few kids from the After-School Academy getting together to come up with an idea like this:

The thought that went into this amazes me. I think about the skills it took to think about making music on a highway, figure out the spacing between the grooves, and come up with the exact miles per hour one has to drive for it to play the song right. And then, they had to convince the city to "give" them a stretch of highway and work with them to create the grooves.

Evidently, the "music" plays a little too loud. The community around Lancaster, CA isn't as thrilled about the innovation when it wakes them up throughout the night as the "music" plays over and over again. Evidently, the road will be paved over soon, if it hasn't been already.

If you're interested in knowing how they came up with the musical road, watch this:

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