Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where are we headed?

Technology is moving at light speed. We MUST provide ALL children with the opportunities to interact with current technology and give them the opportunity to explore new possibilities. Most of the public schools I know provide "technology" by "allowing" a child to practice their standardized test on the computer...or take an Accelerated Reader book test on a computer. If they are really stepping outside of the box, they may allow the children to play on the internet and go to advertised sites like Nickelodian.

We have got to do better than that. Technology offers endless possibilities to our children's future. If our children did nothing but focus on technology, I believe they would be better prepared to be successful. Our world is headed in that direction. Why deny poor children that opportunity?? ...or worse, why limit them by telling them the most technology offers is tests and pointless "games" on the computer.

Here is a video that shows where we are headed. The end of the video shows the guy who has created this new technology. He can't be more than 25 years old. We have got to do more to technologically equip our children and our communities.

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