Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama's message on education

I know I've listened to presidential speeches about education before, but President Obama just seems to "get it." I truly appreciates the way he is looking at our future...and that he is focusing on our future in the midst of the economic crisis. I believe President Obama understands that none of our current crises can be solved in a vacuum. All of the factors--especially education--affects the way our future will turn out. I believe that is why he is juggling every factor instead of focusing solely on one area at a time.

A brief summary of his Education Speech (below)--

Pillar #1: Early childhood programs are asked to create ctting edge plans. Innovative plans will be funded by grants through our government.

Pillar #2: Spur a race to top by spurring better standards changing the way we educate. Other countries are preparing kids for careers. We are not. Funding will be tied to results. Schools are encouraged to invest in innovation. We will use innovative processes to and data to track a child's progress in order to find out how he/she is doing, what teachers he/she has had and assess that information.

Pillar #3: Recruiting, preparing, and rewarding outstanding teachers.

Pillar #4: Promoting innovation and excellence in the schools. More charter schools. Asking states to reform charter rules and lift caps on charter schools. We need to understand that we no longer live in an agragarian society, yet our schools are still operating that type of a system that was formed many years ago. We have to progress.

Pillar #5: Every American with a quality higher education--college or technical training.

Take the time to listen to President Obama in his own words...

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