Monday, March 05, 2007

Seeking black votes

In this early race for president, it's already happening. Candidates are vying for supporters. It happens every election. Candidates seek votes.

Think about that for a minute. Don't you always hear that come election time? Candidates are seeking the "black vote." What does that mean?? From what I can tell, it means that the candidates go into black communities and black churches during the election period. They try to get on the dockets to speak at different community events in these arenas. They usually succeed.

But what does that mean once they get into office?

I hear a lot about politicians seeking the black vote but I don't hear a lot about them seeking the black voice. To me, if you are seeking my vote, you need to know what I think about things...not the other way around. If I'm Black, I don't need a politician coming in only during election time to attend my church, clap their hands and sway to my music, ask for my support, then leave and continue with their agenda and nothing changes to benefit my community. That's pimping a community.

And people wonder why certain people are leery of and have no faith in the political system!

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