Saturday, May 08, 2010

Nathan's Cello Concert--part 2

About this time last year I went to Nathan's cello concert. You can read about it here.

Much to his mother's surprise, Nathan has stuck with the cello. He is in his third year of orchestra and second year of playing the cello. He said he really likes it and is already signed up for orchestra for his freshman year of high school. I am really hoping he will try out for the Young Strings program at the Dallas Symphony next January.

His orchestra teacher was caught up with emotion as she explained to the audience she hated to let go of her 8th graders. She has done an amazing job with her group. It is obvious she is passionate about kids and music. I am so happy that there are some schools left that have quality arts programs that truly develop the kids in areas that go beyond the traditional reading, writing, and math.Like his mother, I would never have guessed Nathan would enjoy the cello, but I am so glad he has had the opportunity to try it out and discover that talent. Thank you, Dallas Independent School District, for allowing that arts programming in Lang and Skyline to continue. Our kids deserve that.

Indulge me and watch Nathan's performance in the video above. Watch it to the end so you can see he and his orchestra buddy's "secret" handshake. :)

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