Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Help for friends

I was still at the office when Wyshina called me.

"Janet! Kisha just called and someone broke into their apartment, stole their stuff...and then set fire to the apartment! I think they lost everything."

Since I was getting ready to leave the office, I went by their apartment. It was dark outside and the electricity was off because of the fire. I found Kisha sitting in the car with the Red Cross man. I took her kindergarten daughter out of her arms. As I picked her up and transferred her onto my chest, I realized Akia was sobbing. She continued to cry. Through sobs, she began telling me, "They even burned my bed!" and went on to express her concerns about her doll and her brother's video games.

Kisha hasn't lived in this apartment long. She just recently moved out of Turner Courts. It was a beautiful apartment. Unfortunately, Kisha had moved into the apartment of a lady who had been evicted. For the last week or so some guy has been banging on their door late at night/early in the morning asking for her. Kisha has tried to tell him that the lady (his ex-girlfriend) no longer lives there. Maybe he thinks she's hiding the lady or lying to him. Kisha suspects he was the one who did set fire to their apartment.

Kisha's has two kids--Curtis is a very talented, articulate 6th grader who has been a part of our After-School Academy for the last 3-4 years. Akia is cute kindergartener with a bright smile and an eager handshake and greeting every time you walk into the After-School Academy.

I don't know what the person who lived in the apartment before Kisha did that made that man so angry, but I know what he did changed the lives of three people. They have lost absolutely everything.

If you would like to help out, click here to donate and I will make sure that any money you contribute gets directly to them.


ESQ.T said...
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ESQ.T said...

WHAT a tregedy!!! I recall speaking with Akia a couple of weeks ago at career day!