Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CityWalk Stories

After our Ideal Community meeting on Thursday, I asked a volunteer to connect with Sharon so we could start working on some of the suggestions she mentioned in the meeting. As I was driving home that evening, I finally had the opportunity to listen to my voice mail. It was Sharon. She talked about how much she enjoyed the meeting and went on to say:
I was calling you to tell you to give me something else to do. My assignment is finished! I gave the information to Denise. Give me something else!
I called her back and we brainstormed on my drive home. Sharon wants to get people connected with their community. She had the idea of having pot luck gatherings for each floor so that people could get to know who is on their floor. Because there are such a diversity of cultures, she suggested that each person bring a traditional dish. I'm so excited about the possibilities!

Our Community Life team is great...and has already done some great things. But to truly create community life, we need the help of the community. Sharon said something that struck me in her interview. "A lot of times when you're homeless, you forget about all of the strengths you have." Sharon Patterson has a lot of strengths. She has utilized her strengths in the past as you can see in the Part 2 video below. Our job as a Community Life team is to help people discover (or re-discover) their strengths.

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