Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet CityWalk

I met Annice and her girlfriend at the first CrimeWatch meeting I attended. They had only been in the apartments about a month at that time.

I didn't see either of them again until last week. Annice came to our weekly meeting with the residents and the leasing office. During the meeting, Annice offered to connect with residents and find out how many people in the building have internet. We exchanged information and she said she would come talk to me.

I saw her the following week and found out her apartment is directly beside the room that I have been using as an office.

As we talked, I learned that Annice and her girlfriend live in one of the market-rate apartments. She is a vocal major who graduated from the University of Central Arkansas. (Her musical interest caught my attention because there are so many other musicians in the building.)

Each person adds a new dimension to the CityWalk neighborhood. To be proactive and maintain a solutions-based approach, Annice and her girlfriend have started writing potential job descriptions to help us create an even more welcoming environment. I am also looking to connect her to the other musicians in the building as well as another parent in the building who has just started home schooling her teenage son as well.

Limitless possibilities.

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